Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Covehithe Project - 1 year later

Returning to this embryonic blog over a year later is weird to say the least.  Over a year of weekly or fortnightly walks recorded by photographs, film and sound recordings is a huge amount of material to process.
Completed editing short film last week thanks to the invaluable help of Joe Burns.  Still undecided about sound track and need more objective feedback about which sounds to combine.  The piano works well on its own as the sound of the sea is implicit.  However I do like the idea of the opening and end merging sea and walking into piano, as a return to reality.  It partly depends on how the film will be accessed - as ambiant sound or a more directed personal experience via ear piece?
A freeing day yesterday with more charcoal and paint creations as friezes around studio.  Really fun and energising.  Today is more clunky, trying to do research and finalise decisions printed textile images.

 Images from yesterday

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Friday, 17 June 2011

Second visit to Cove Hithe

Deciding to record weekly visits to Cove Hithe for a piece of textiles work is something I've wanted to do for ages - and the rate that the coast there seems to be disappearing suggests that it's good not to have left it too long!  I am journaling visits through drawing, photography, writing and sound recordings and it feels really exciting to have started.  Each time I return the landscape has changed in subtle ways and observing these changes from the same walk each time will I think give me a clearer sense about what is revealed and created as a result. 
(blogging for the firsttime feels really wierd as I have no idea who if anyone I am speaking to)